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    The company "Nordfelt" was authorized to the exclusive supplies of products "Valmet Fabrics, Inc." (previously Tamfelt) on the territory of the Russian Federation. In late 2013, the General meeting of shareholders of international concern METSO decided on the allocation of the number of business segments, including the production of filter materials, and the formation of a new concern VALMET.

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    We try to be closer to our customers.

    Today Company "Nordfelt" presented in several regions of the European part of Russia, the Urals. Our experts work in close proximity to industrial sites major mining and metallurgical enterprises of the Murmansk region, as well as in Norilsk, Kostomuksha, Cherepovets and Vorkuta, Staryi Oskol, Ekaterinburg.


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    Filtering products and sectors Valmet (formerly - Tamfelt)

    Nordfelt is the exclusive distributor of Valmet Technologies Inc. (formerly known as Tamfelt and Metso Fabrics) in the Russian Federation for the supply of filter cloths and products from them.

    Today the company has the opportunity to offer its customers
    more than 350 types of filter cloths, needle-punched filter materials, spiral grids and sectors for DVF (disk vacuum filters).

    Filtering products and components Valmet are used on filtering equipment of all well-known manufacturers:
    Donaldson, Bilfinger, Diemme, DMlieferant, BMP "Progress", Larox, Diefenbach, Uralkhimmash and many others.

    Frames of bag filters CleanAir

    Nordfelt offers its Clients the best choice of hose filter cages from the European manufacturer, the leader of its market, the company CleanAir (Italy).

    Frameworks are manufactured at the factory in accordance with customer requests and can be:
    various shapes and sizes - round, rectangular, octagonal, star-shaped, diamond-shaped;
    length from 500 to 10 000 mm;
    from different types of steel - low-carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 304 - 316 - 321 and other types of steel on request;

    with various types of finishing: raw steel, pre-galvanized, white and yellow galvanized - etching and passivation of stainless steel, corrosion resistant and high temperature coating EcoHPC (Ecological High Performance Coating), capable in many cases to replace stainless steel.

    JVK filter plates

    Nordfelt has the status of the official distributor of JVK Filtration Systems Gmbh, (Germany), one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech filter plates for press filters.

    Fields of application of membrane - chamber plates:
    preparation of sewage and drinking water, disinfection and dehydration of industrial and domestic sewage sludge, contaminated water from wet dust removal;
    production of mineral pigments, organic dyes and titanium dioxide;
    Extraction and washing of intermediate products with sterilization at temperatures up to 100 ° C in the pharmaceutical industry;
    production of edible vegetable oil, palm oil, fruit juice, wine, yeast, starch, beer, gelatin, agar-agar, etc .;
    filtration of the metal salt solution as the first stage of electrolysis during refining of nickel, copper, silver, gold and uranium, as well as such by-products as molybdenum, electrolytic deposition of metals, battery regeneration.


    Nordfelt supplies filter cloths and products as well as filter elements to ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises for the following types of filter equipment:
    Bag filters for cleaning exhaust gases from dust;
    filters for cleaning technological solutions and wastewater;
    filters for sludge dewatering and sludge filtration.
    The selection of the filter material and / or product is made individually, taking into account the features of the filtration processes of the customer.

    The production of cement at almost all stages is accompanied by considerable dust release: with gases leaving the rotating furnaces, with crushing, drying and grinding of dry raw materials and clinker, and also with cooling of brick in refrigerators of rotary kilns.

    The most characteristic features of filtration:
    filtration of fire and explosive and highly electrically dusting;
    filtration of high-temperature gases;
    filtration of particles smaller than 1 μm;

    Nordfelt offers to enterprises of the cement industry the filter needle-piercing and woven cloths Valmet:
    with electrostatic and conductive properties;
    with hydrophobic impregnations based on PTFE;
    with a microporous film for trapping fine dust particles;
    with a high degree of calendering of the working surface,
    as well as frameworks for bag filters CleanAir with special types of finishing treatments, increasing the life cycle of the product in aggressive environments.

    The main objectives of technological operations performed in the processes of liquid filtration in the food industry:
    to reduce the loss of final product in the sediment;
    To reduce the degree of dilution of juices on a vortex;
    get a filter cake with a minimum moisture content.

    The filter napkins and napkins supplied by us have received positive conclusions at the sugar factories of GC "Prodimex", OJSC "Aurora", "Rusagro", "Dominant" and "Syukden",

    The filtration processes are an integral part of the technological processes in the mining industry, for which high temperatures with aggressive chemical conditions are typical. The customer enterprises make high demands to ensure both the purity of the filtrate and the humidity of the sediment and its good separation. Nordfelt offers a wide range of filter products from woven and needle-punched Valmet and JVK chamber-membrane plates that meet the highest standards of industrial filtration in this branch.

    The most characteristic features of filtration:
    presence of aggressive components in solutions and gases in combination with high temperatures;
    combining several reactions into one process on one filter with sharp pH changes, heat release, formation of dissimilar precipitation and gels;
    processes in which the final product is both a precipitate and a filtrate.
    Nordfelt offers filter bags, napkins, linens, spiral tapes, filter bags manufactured by Valmet (formerly Tamfelt), JVK chamber membrane plates and CleanAir hoseframe cages with any type of finish treatment for the most demanding filtration processes in chemical production.

    For high-quality dehydration of coal concentrate and sludge at the coal beneficiation factories, Nordfelt offers customers
    Valmet - DrainStar spiral grids with round cross-section filaments - fillers, with extended service life;
    Filter products (covers and napkins) made of Valmet cloths, individually matched to the specific conditions of the technological process of the customer;
    chamber - membrane plates JVK, capable of adapting to special production conditions:
    temperatures from -200C to +1400 C;
    filtration pressure up to 1.5 MPa and pressing pressure up to 6.0 MPa

    • Valmet Technologies, Inc. (formerly Tamfelt and later - Metso Fabrics) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of filter cloths and finished products for the filtration of liquids and gases, having more than 200 years of history. Concern Valmet has 6 production sites around the world, an innovative research and development department, and also works closely with pulp manufacturers, filter equipment suppliers and universities.

    • JVK Filtration is a German manufacturer of membrane-chamber plates, which have proved themselves in all industries since 1962.
      Since then, JVK has been significantly influenced by new ideas and designs on the development of filtration technology in the separation of solid and liquid phases. Serial production of membrane-chamber plates JVK with elastomeric membranes was launched in 1968


    • CleanAir - an Italian manufacturer of hose filter frames, having more than 40 years of history, as well as an indisputable European leader in the production of frameworks for industrial gas cleaning. Thanks to several automatic production lines, Clean Air can produce frames of absolutely any shape for both small and large projects. Know-how CleanAir (coating EcoHPC) in the field of finishing treatments is based on many years of experience and cooperation with the most famous manufacturers of aspiration equipment.


    • 28 November 2017
      The certificate of the official distributor
      The company "Nordfelt" was authorized to the exclusive supplies of products…
    • 28 November 2017
      Today Company "Nordfelt" presented in several regions of the European…