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    The company "Nordfelt" was authorized to the exclusive supplies of products "Valmet Fabrics, Inc." (previously Tamfelt) on the territory of the Russian Federation. In late 2013, the General meeting of shareholders of international concern METSO decided on the allocation of the number of business segments, including the production of filter materials, and the formation of a new concern VALMET.

    In accordance with this decision, "Metso Fabrics Inc.” (previously included in Tamfelt), one of the world leaders in the production of filter materials and products from them, now is the production unit of the international concern VALMET and is named as "Valmet Fabrics, Inc.".

    As confirmed by a certificate of the official distributor, Nordfelt is official and exclusive Distributor of the "Valmet Fabrics, Inc." in the European part of the Russian Federation and in Ural region.