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    CleanAir Europe s.r.l -the Italian manufacturer of hose filter frameworks that has been the undisputed leader in its industry for more than 40 years, thanks to a careful approach to the creation of its products, as well as the constant search for and implementation of new solutions that will provide customers with optimum performance and help reduce costs.
    Today, the high quality of CleanAir baghouses is known all over the world.
    Own production facilities and modern technologies allow CleanAir to flexibly approach the solution of tasks and satisfy various customer requests.
    CleanAir production lines are completely designed and produced within the company, therefore they have absolute uniqueness. CleanAir has its own production line for coating the finished products.



    • Frameworks can be of various types, shapes and sizes
    • High wear resistance for a period of storage in a warehouse and installation on a filter
    • Reduction of the negative impact on the environment
    • High resistance to aggressive chemical environments and high temperatures up to 600 ° C (guaranteed 250 ° C)
    • Individual selection of source material, finishing and type of frame connection

    Visit our website on hose filter frameworks  http://www.filter-karkas.ru/ 


    CleanAir frames can be manufactured in various types, shapes and sizes, in accordance with operational characteristics, features, application areas and customer requests.
    Thanks to the automated production system, the dimensions and length of the frames can also have different variations

    Parameters of carcasses of round form (mm)
    Standard outer diameter: 100 - 114 - 120 - 125 - 144 - 155 - 1 60 - 185
    Length: 500 to 10,000
    Number of longitudinal bars: 6 - 8 - 1 0 - 12 - 14 - 16 - 20
    Distance between rings of rigidity: 50 - 100 - 150 - 200 - 250
    Standard hub type: Information in the BYC catalog. CleanAir Components
    Diameter of longitudinal rods and stiffening rings in the section: 3 - 3.5 - 4 - 5 - 6
    Type of steel: Low carbon steel - stainless steel AISI 304 - 316 - 321 and other types of steel on request
    Type of treatment: Untreated - Pre-galvanized EcoHPC coating - White and yellow galvanized - Etching and passivation of stainless steel


    CleanAir demonstrates a full line of components and accessories for them: bottoms, sleeves (collars), connection systems (locks) and Venturi tubes.
    The system of separation of components into groups allows the customer to easily navigate among a wide range of products.
    For each group of components and accessories, CleanAir constantly creates new solutions and introduces new technologies to meet the growing market requirements for the quality of the products.
    In each group of components, the most commonly used products were identified, for which 3D images, drawings and dimensional tables with technical descriptions were prepared.
    Our technical department will happily provide you with more detailed information about our innovative solutions in the field of component manufacturing.

    The catalog with the most demanded components of frameworks of bag filters you can look in section "Documentation CleanAir"


    Depending on the operating conditions, the frames of the filter hoses are exposed to various temperatures, pressures, acidities and come into contact with certain substances, which are to some extent corrosive.
    CleanAir offers its customers the optimal choice of the raw material from which the frames are made, as well as finishing, which extends the life cycle of the product depending on the technical and operational characteristics.
    The best result among different materials and types of treatment was obtained by applying the EcoHPC treatment.
    EcoHPC is an electroplating treatment that provides durability and a long service life to the product.
    Among all types of EcoHPC bag filter cage processing, it is the most advanced solution, both in terms of efficiency and in terms of the small impact of the application process on the environment.

    CleanAir hose filter frames are exported all over the world. During shipment and storage, frameworks are generally exposed to atmospheric phenomena and various unfavorable climatic conditions.
    To guarantee the consistent quality of CleanAir products, regardless of the range and location of the delivery, standards have been developed for packaging carcases protecting them from a variety of adverse climatic conditions.
    CleanAir offers a flexible approach to the question of packaging frames according to the individual requirements of the customer and depending on the type of material used, the final destination and storage conditions


    Finishing of EcoHPC

    EcoHPC is a surface treatment of the carcass, by applying an electroplating coating that increases the resistance of the product to corrosion.
    CleanAir for 10 years used the EcoHPC treatment method as a method for coating hoseframe frameworks. The application of this type of treatment has yielded excellent results in a wide range of areas: cement plants, incineration plants, power plants (including those working on biomass) and metallurgical plants.
    Application of the EcoHPC coating allows frames to withstand continuous temperatures up to 240 ° C and eliminates the sticking effect with the sleeve that can be observed in cases where filter cages are placed on the filter with a powder coating, thus prolonging the service life of not only the frames but also the filter hoses themselves.
    The process of applying an electroplating coating is characterized by a uniform deposition of a mixture of pigment paste and epoxy resin on the surface of the element, which provides a long-term exclusive protection against chemical reagents and other aggressive effects of the working medium.
    Laboratory tests have shown the efficiency of frameworks with EcoHPC processing with the best cost-benefit ratio


    Documentation CleanAir


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    Catalog of components for frameworks of bag filters Clean Air