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    The knowledge and experience of CleanAir in the field of industrial filtration, as well as the search for new, more efficient solutions led to the creation of a new method for finishing the frameworks of bag filters, EcoHPC.
    For a long time, manufacturers of filter equipment and end-users did not pay much attention to the hoseframe cages.
    Meanwhile, the hose filter cage is a strategically important component of the industrial filtration process.
    The high-quality frame allows the entire dust-gas cleaning system to function well, reduces the wear of the filter hose and, therefore, reduces the maintenance costs of the filter unit.

    Resistance to high
    Resistant to chemically
    aggressive action
    Resistance to wear during
    transport and storage
    Persistence for a long time

    Frameworks with finishing EcoHPC are guaranteed:
    - more resistant to high temperatures;
    - more resistant to chemically aggressive effects;
    - have increased resistance to wear and mechanical damage
       during transportation and storage;
    - have a longer life cycle.

    Galvanization process

    This type of coating is based on the process of galvanizing particles of a special patented composition that are applied to the frame by a cataphoresis process in 5 stages:

    • Degreasing carcasses in baths with sodium solution at 50 ° C for 15 minutes;
    • Removal of scale and other residues from the surface of scaffolds by soaking them in baths with a solution of sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid;
    • Coating of EcoHPC by the method of cataphoresis (deep penetration of colloid particles into depressions and pores of the coated metal is provided);
    • Final cleaning of coated carcasses in several baths for 5 and 8 minutes;
    • Dry the frameworks in the oven at a temperature of 180 ° C for 20 minutes.

    The EcoHPC coating is environmentally friendly and provides significant resistance to corrosion and various types of chemically aggressive media.
    It is able to withstand temperatures up to 600 ° C (guaranteed 250 ° C), while remaining solid and does not allow the filter sleeve to adhere, ensuring its comfortable and quick replacement.
    Frameworks covered with EcoHPC are not covered with rust, sharp edges are not formed, thereby prolonging the service life of the filter sleeve. In some cases, the EcoHPC coating can fully replace stainless steel.
    The lifetime of EcoHPC coated steel coil frames reaches 8 years.


    Salt chamber tests according to ASTM B 117

    ASTM B 117 is a standardized test method used to determine the corrosion resistance of protective coatings /

    Tests under this standard have shown that frameworks treated with EcoHPC have a higher resistance compared to frameworks treated by other methods:

    prefabricated frames and frames with powder coating,
    frameworks made of galvanized wire and frames, galvanized after manufacture.

    Salt chamber tests (ASTM B 117 standard)

    Coarse steel test with EcoHPC coating in salt chamber, 1249 hours (Before and After)
    The test of a skeleton from rough steel with the zinced covering in a salt chamber of 136 hours. (Before and after)