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    Nordfelt has the status of the official distributor of JVK Filtration Systems Gmbh, (Germany), one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech filter plates for press filters.
    Fields of application of membrane - chamber plates:
    preparation of sewage and drinking water, decontamination and dehydration of industrial and domestic sludge of sewage, contaminated water from wet dust removal;
    production of mineral pigments, organic dyes and titanium dioxide;
    Extraction and washing of intermediate products with sterilization at temperatures up to 100 ° C in the pharmaceutical industry;
    production of edible vegetable oil, palm oil, fruit juice, wine, yeast, starch, beer, gelatin, agar-agar, etc .;
    filtration of the metal salt solution as the first stage of electrolysis during refining of nickel, copper, silver, gold and uranium, as well as such by-products as molybdenum, electrolytic deposition of metals, battery regeneration.


    Membrane-chamber plates JVK and filter elements JVK have proved since 1962 in all industries.
    Since then, JVK has been significantly influenced by new ideas and designs on the development of filtration technology in the separation of solid and liquid phases.
    JVK produces with the help of a technologically advanced, ICM-developed enterprise - method of membrane-chamber plates of any kind for filtration devices from polypropylene and other thermoplastic and elastomeric plastics.
    JVK can rely on its many years of experience in the design, manufacture and application of membrane-chamber plates.
    Already in 1964, for the tests at the chemical plant, the first membrane-chamber plates were made.
    Membrane-chamber plates JVK with elastomeric membranes in series production since 1968.
    The successful use of JVK membrane chamber chambers around the world in all industries is based on the design, continuous improvement and high quality standard.


    Advantages of the polypropylene filter plate:
    Long service life
    High quality product
    Slight load on the napkin
    Reliable seal
    Good thermal insulation
    Easy cleaning
    Light weight
    Advantages of the JVK membrane system:
    Short filtration periods
    Low residual humidity
    Short wash periods
    Replaceable Membrane
    High elasticity of membranes
    Sealing of the filter plate system
    Large cross-sections of the holes for drainage of the filtrate
    Reliability of the membrane system
    Wide application

    Short filtration period
    Low residual cake moisture is achieved with pure filtration under pressure with chamber plates only under high filtration pressure and with a long filtration period (point B).
    Membrane-chamber plates require substantially lower filtration pressures to fill the chambers (point A).
    Low residual moisture cake is achieved by pressing with an elastic membrane (point C).
    The production cycle is determined by:
    fast filling of chambers at low filtration pressure
    cake pressing in a few minutes
    Low residual humidity
    Pressing the filter cake with an elastic membrane replaces the high filtration pressure at normal chamber plates and causes:
    significant reduction of residual moisture in the cake as soon as possible
    shortened filtration cycle
    increased yield of filtrate
    very short periods of emptying
    increase in the proportion of the solid phase by means of a special vacuum method to almost 100%
    reduced dry blowdown
    insignificant sticking of cake to the filter napkin
    automation of the filtration process
    low pump costs
    saving energy costs and waste storage costs
    reduced transportation costs due to compact, dry filter cake
    Short wash period
    Low compression pressure of membranes during the washing process forms a uniform cake without cracks.
    uniform capillary structure
    Replacement membrane
    The membrane is easily and quickly mounted and dismantled inside or outside the filter press.
    It does not require a complete replacement of the filter plate,
    only replacement of the membrane is necessary
    the adaptability of the membrane material to the changed process conditions
    the optimum degree of washing during a shorter washing period
    reduced consumption of washing liquid
    Maximum permissible load on the membrane
    No stress on the membrane due to the compression force of the filter press:
    the membrane does not completely cover the polypropylene seal and the supporting fists.
    In almost all applications, compression force adjustment is not required
    High membrane elasticity
    Elastic membrane adapts with irregularity of cake surface and thickness of cake to:
    homogeneous cake density for efficient washing and purging
    trouble-free movement of the membrane even in an empty chamber
    Sealing of the filter plate system
    The processing of membrane chamber plates according to the German industry standard 7129 results in an excellent chamber seal. A completely liquid-proof version (CGR) is supplied.
    Reliability of the membrane system
    In the seal area, the JVK membranes are not welded and screwed together as a fixed connection.
    The pressure of the prepressing medium can be maintained only when the press is fully compressed.
    When the compression pressure drops, the pressure of the press medium falls safely onto the tongue-and-groove joint
    The membranes move immediately out of the groove
    pressure reduction without membrane failure
    reduced security costs

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