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    Valmet is the world leader in the manufacture of needle-punched fabrics, filter cloths and ready-made filter products for various industries.
    The company's production facilities are located in 6 countries (Finland, Portugal, Poland, Brazil, USA and China).
    The number of employees is 1300 people
    Major markets: Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America and Russia
    Valmet has its own research and innovation department and has several patents, and also works closely with paper machine manufacturers, filter equipment suppliers, universities and research institutes.
    Each Valmet plant has its own laboratory, which ensures the highest quality of products.
    In 2014, Nordfelt received the exclusive right to supply Valmet filter cloths and finished products from them throughout the territory of Russia.
    Filtering products and components Valmet are used on filtering equipment of all well-known manufacturers:
    Donaldson, Bilfinger, Diemme, DMlieferant, BMP "Progress", Larox, Diefenbach, Uralkhimmash and many others.

    Accessories and options


    The company "Nordfelt" is a reliable partner in the supply of filter materials for all types of vacuum filters, such as:

    rotary and drum.
    Based on years of experience and high qualification of our specialists are constantly developing new and improved standard technical solutions to create filter products makes it possible to optimize the filtration process, taking into account features of technological processes and equipment. Various kinds of woven fabric, specially designed for a specific technological processes of filtration and which is the “know how” of the company, capable of providing the specified combination of technological filtering options, depending on customer needs.

    Due to the hard work of internal Research and development, we occupy a leading position, and try to be a step ahead of other manufacturers of filter cloth. Our active cooperation with universities, research institutes, suppliers and customers, aimed at the development of new and improvement of existing filter fabrics to optimize the filtering processes in your enterprise.


    The company "Nordfelt" is a reliable partner in the supply of filter materials for all types of press filter, such as:

    • horizontal
    • vertical
    • chamber
    • membrane
    • frame and cassette.

    Material and design of filter cloths are selected individually for each filter type and structure of filter plates. Due to various design solutions of the cloths it ensures long lifetime without  lossless of technological characteristics of the fabrics. Various structures of woven fabrics which are “know how” of the company, specially designed for a specific technological filtration processes, depending on customer needs are capable to provide specified combination of technological filtering results. Due to the intense output of internal Research and development, Valmet Fabrics Inc. has a leading position and trying to stay one-step ahead of other manufacturers filter-roll tissue.

    Active cooperation Valmet Fabrics with universities, research institutes, suppliers and customers, aimed at the development of new and improvement of existing filter fabrics to optimize the filtering processes in your enterprise.



    The company "Nordfelt” supplies filter materials for a wide variety of processes in mining, chemical and metallurgical industries, as well as for energy and environmental activities.

    The correct choice of filter fabrics and design features products from them, is of great importance in modern processes of chemical, mining and other industries. Requirements for hard materials: filter fabric must withstand high temperature and severe chemical conditions. In addition, the fabric should provide filtering of various suspensions with particles of different sizes. And in all these conditions, it is expected that tissue will provide a clean filtrate, flawless Department Keck and low moisture content.

    The combination of different materials in the base and duck fabrics, different types of weaving and textile processing can achieve sometimes mutually exclusive combinations of technological parameters of the tissue, such as low moisture cake with a high performance or clean filtrate.

    Our Company offers the following types of filter products:

    Covers for disc vacuum filters for the chemical and mining industries;
    Wipes for automatic horizontal press-filters;
    Tape for vertical press filter;
    Tape for vacuum belt filters with a width up to 4.5 m with different types of locks;
    Canvases  for drum vacuum filters tele tone and the United strips of welding seam width up to 12 m;
    Materials and swabs for rotary vacuum filters;
    Fabric covers for the filters under pressure (like Kelly);
    Canvases for gravity filters;
    Mesh lining and articles of wood for different types of filters.


    Plastic sectors supplied by the Company "Nordfelt have an innovative design developed on the basis of rich experience in various fields of industry.

    For Russian market, which is primarily used disc vacuum filters produced by OJSC "Progress" ( Berdichev), or similar, were developed two types of sectors with a wide and a narrow neck, under disk with a diameter of 2.5 m They provide high performance filtration process due to the increased open area of not less than 70% of the filter surface, in contrast to the standard metal sectors with a perforated surface, which have a free area of not more than %50. Removable neck provides maintainability sector and allows you to change the entire sector, and the only wearing part of it.

    Elements of the sector have high strength and wear resistance due to the use of modern polymer materials. The weight vector is 4.5 kg, which reduces the labor and time costs of replacement sectors and filter maintenance.

    We can offer 28 types of plastic sectors, for different disk vacuum filters is leading manufacturers.

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