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    How to correctly measure the filter bag
    The instruction will acquaint You with the method of taking measurements from the filter hose used in dust and gas purification processes. If You have any questions about taking measurements, You can always contact our technical support by sending us an email to techsupport@nordfelt.fi, or to Your personal manager by sending an email to info@nordfelt.fi
    Description of methods for conducting laboratory analyzes of filter tissues
    Are You looking for the optimal solution for Your filtration processes? Do You want to get an expert opinion on the parameters of the technological processes on Your equipment? Nordfelt team hurries to help You. We will carefully transfer the sample of filter cloth received from You to the experts of the Center for Scientific Research and Development Valmet (formerly Tamfelt) for conducting laboratory tests. The result of the research will be the conclusion of Valmet specialists about the nature of the working medium on the filter, the properties of the transferred sample, the causes of possible problems on the filter equipment, and recommendations for optimizing the technological processes.
    How to sew Valmet spiral belts
    This photo-instruction will help you quickly and easily sew a spiral grid Valmet (formerly - Tamfelt). If you have any questions, you can contact our technical support department (techsupport@nordfelt.fi) or your personal manager.


    Valmet filter cloths and products for all types of industrial filtration
    Meet Valmet Technologies, Inc. (formerly - Tamfelt) - the world's leading manufacturer of filter needle-punched and woven fabrics and products made of them
    Quick installation frame of the bag on the stove connection type Sliplock Join 2 us CleanAir
    The installation of large frames along the length should not take a lot of time. The video demonstrates how it is possible to quickly and inexpensively install a framework consisting of two parts on a plate with the type of connection Sliplock Joint 2 of CleanAir


    Download and fill out the questionnaire and send it to our e-mail info@nordfelt.fi

    Questionnaire. Selection of JVK filter plates
    Questionnaire. Selection of the frame of the bag filter CleanAir
    Questionnaire. Dry dust and gas cleaning. Valmet (Tamfelt)
    Questionnaire. Wet filtration. Fabrics Valmet (Tamfelt)